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its ok to not like flowers crowns but seeing people get legitimately angry over them confuses me a lot…theyre cute little flowers you put on your head why would that make you want to get mad at somebody

Because they look stupid.

well there you have it folks nobody is allowed to enjoy flower crowns anymore because tumblr user catzwillrule thinks they look stupid. move on out guys

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Yay! [7/6]

Good news! Now here by popular demand, we have a shortlist of flower crown selections! You can find it under the ‘crowns’ page on our blog!

You can use this list as guide to what you might like on your requested edits. Or, if you prefer you can visit the links we added to the page!

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Our Apologies! [7/4]

Tumblr has been having problems wth our inbox, so all 14 and counting sent requests were not appearing. We fixed the problem, so feel free to request more!

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